" Hello everyone,
My name is John and I am a ninth grader playing varsity lacrosse at Wissahickon High School. I have been playing lacrosse for 8 years, and I thought I should do a science experiment on different types of mesh. Our school, being in Pennsylvania, competes in PJAS, or Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, and I created an experiment on the different types of mesh and their water resistibility. I experimented with rubber coated mesh, Ninja (wax) mesh, soft mesh, hard mesh, and a mix of coatings on mesh. I just wanted to let you know that your mesh, Ninja, was outstanding regarding the water-resistance and performance when wet. Ninja mesh absorbed the least amount of water of all the different types of mesh and I just wanted to share my results with you and to let you know that I will also be using the mesh in my winter, summer, and spring seasons. Great work guys!"
Type: Starting: Ending: Change (Absorbed)
Plastic 1.000L 0.996L 0.040L
Rubber 1.000L 0.990L 0.100L
Wax 1.000L 0.998L 0.002L
Mix 1.000L 0.994L 0.006L
None 0.25
Plastic 0.04
Rubber 0.1
Wax 0.002
Mix 0.006


"In all honesty, it is the best mesh I have ever used. I have tried many many different mesh pieces but there is something about this mesh that sets it apart from others. I don't know why but it just feels great. I'm actually planning on stringing all my heads with ninja mesh. I'm going to go exclusive. I have been testing mesh out for months and this is my final decision. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you. Thank you very very much!"

September 1, 2015
“I just got the piece of Nijuu 20mm 10 diamond mesh in today. The only free stick i had was a warrior atomik alloy with an apacheX head.right out of the package i could see and feel the unique properties of the Ni juu mesh. It had an almost wet feel to it, however when i felt my hands they were actually very dry. The waxy consistency left a residue on my hands which was the dry feeling that surprised me when i felt my hands after touching what i thought was moist mesh. The break in of the mesh was the quickest and easiest i have ever had. I stretched mesh out and it held its shape which made the stringing proses much easier. After Stretching the mesh there was some flaking of the waxy coating but nothing major. The mesh strung up very similar to regular hard/soft mesh but was in my opinion much easier to form a pocket in then hard mesh. I put a CC top string, sidewall pattern is- i, i, love knot, triple, double i, i. this pattern gave me a medium to high pocket. also i put a breaded nylon, 1weave straight shooter, and 2 weave U shooters. I haven't been able to test the pocket in any harsh weather conditions yet just some light pass with a friend in sunny weather. As soon as i have a rainy day i am going to play pass or wall ball to see if the pocket holds it shape and stays at a legal depth. Overall i think that Ninja Mesh is an amazing product. From its grippy waxy feel, easy pocket positioning/stringing and break in time, Ninja mesh is the new leader in the lacrosse mesh industry. I will be recommending Ninja mesh to all players i know! This is honestly the best mesh i have ever used!”

Coach Kyle
"I finally had a chance to use the mesh in some heavy rain and let me just say it held up wonderful. Not once did the stick start to bag out or even change. Perhaps the best part of it was that the pocket did not shrink either once it dried. You guys truly have something remarkable going on."

"I used the mesh last night for the first time playing pick up with UCSB. I've played with every type of pocket on the planet, traditional, pita,rocket pocket, perfect pocket, Hard/Semi Hard/soft: 10D, 8D, 7D, 6D, Cali Connection. love pocket, Stringers shack and Marc Mesh etc..... and none of them felt great, in terms of natural feel, weatherproofing, break in time, bagging out, "grabbing and hooking" the ball due to pocket swing and durability/longevity. Anyways, I strung my Gait Torque up with 6D and honestly it was quite impressive, in fact I was most certainly beyond impressed. I literally strung it up the night before, no wall ball or even a warm up for that matter. I literally just showed up straight from work and ran out on the field and went with it. Passes were crisp and on point, the ball sat nice in the pocket and my first goal was on my first shot, a beautiful rip that went right where I wanted it to go. Catching was a breeze and it quick sticked like a broken in traditional. I play Attack and O-Mid, so I am carrying the ball a lot and did not once think about my pocket, which is a FANTASTIC thing. It just responded beautifully, really don't have much else to say about it I am still blown away by it's performance."

"First Try:
When I first threw with it, I instantly fell in love because it has such a smooth release and has a lot of hold but not too much whip. I had to play with bottom string because when I would shoot, the pocket would shift and that bothers me a little but nothing too bad. The shot speed isn't really a significant difference, but shoots beautifully. I haven’t really gotten to use it in the rain yet due to the lack of rain in Virginia, but I did play with it in the wet grass due to dew, and I noticed no change in throwing or shooting."

"Ninja Mesh Update :
So its been a couple days since my last thread about Ninja Mesh and I’ve recently had some wet weather and decided to use the mesh to its full potential. let me just say, I love it. I didn’t notice any difference in throwing and shooting. So props to Chris for making a great product. and I also restrung my torque...again"

Hayden B
"Thanks again for the free mesh. I received the mesh earlier this week and just got the opportunity to play with it. Honestly, it is the best mesh I have ever played with. Your mesh has no rebound, great hold, and an extremely smooth release. I have spread the word about ninja mesh to many of my friends and teammates already. Thanks again, and I wish you the best with your business."

Michael "Thought I would shoot you an email letting you know what I thought of the Ninja Mesh. Had it strung up in an Evolution and I am loving it. Took a day or two to get used to the amount of hold, but after breaking it in it has a great feel to it. Feels like the canadian mesh I used to use when I was younger."

"Now that I've had this mesh for a little while I can give a better review. After messing around in my backyard, using it in a game, and bringing it to the beach (terrible idea) a bit of the coating is gone. However, it still has a little bit left which seems to be adequate enough, because it throws the exact same. the ninjafied shooters got really beat up while I tried to restring the pocket higher a couple times, so I took them out and put in regular stick doctor shooters (love 'em) and now I finally have the perfect pocket. Mid/high pocket that bags out a little bit for when I dodge 1 handed, but moves back up when I wind up for a shot. And this mesh feels great for shooting, it has a really smooth release."

"As for consistency, shoots the same every time. little break in time however it is more of a softer mesh. If you rip a hard shot its going to move the whole pocket. however the hold on it is ridiculous. I highly recommend this mesh, I have another piece that I'm probably going to put onto my torque later tonight."


"Eclipse with 14D Ninja Goalie Mesh. Smooth, low whip passes that make long clears a breeze. Just over two balls deep and rarely gives up rebounds. Overall, this mesh really surpassed my expectations and I highly suggest that all of you give it a try."

"Ninja mesh is AMAZING... 12D goalie mesh has no rebound, tons of hold, and an extremely smooth release."

Michael T
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