About Us

Welcome to NinjaLax, the producer of NinjaMesh, the world’s premiere performance lacrosse mesh products.  Since 2010, NinjaLax has been on the forefront of lacrosse mesh technology and has been revolutionizing the pocket of the modern lacrosse stick. NinjaMesh is an engineered high performance mesh for field and goalie sticks that offers the hold and feel of soft mesh, with the release of hard mesh.

Unlike other mesh products, which are “topically coated”, our hydrophobic formula, which prohibits wickability is infused deep within the raw nylon’s interstices (gaps). When completed, this processes of “Ninjafication” imbeds our formula deep within the mesh.  The finished product is a Ninjafied piece of mesh, which is not susceptible to the effects of expansion and contraction and retains its pocket regardless of weather. These properties coupled with stringability, superior feel, exceptional hold and a smooth release give players the confidence they need to perform under pressure and that is why - NinjaMesh is the choice of many MLL, NLL, NCAA and MCLA players. 

NinjaMesh is available in several styles for the discerning player who wants to improve his or her game. At NinjaLax we know how personal your stick is. We know you are particular about your pocket and how your stick catches and throws. NinjaMesh will perform like no other mesh you have tried. We guarantee it. You will notice its outstanding qualities the first time you use it, and you will be astounded with how long and well it performs. Whether you’re a goalie, attackman, midfielder, LSM, close defender, or FOGO, you will be amazed at what NinjaMesh can do for your game.  We recognize that when the game is on the line, the last thing you want to worry about is your mesh. 

So, take the Ninja challenge.  We are so sure you will be satisfied with NinjaMesh that we offer a 20-day money back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, just send back your piece of mesh within 20 days of purchase with a detailed explanation of what you didn’t like about NinjaMesh and we will give you a 100% refund.

At NinjaLax our motto is, “Making players better, one stick at a time” and we take this very seriously.  Our goal is to make the world’s best lacrosse mesh.  Since 2010, our engineers have been busy in the Meshlab using a systematic approach of research and development coupled with solid player feedback to create superior performance lacrosse mesh, which is weather resistant, breaks in quickly and is highly durable.  At NinjaLax, “making players better” is not just our motto, it’s our business.

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