Ninja Mesh Waxed mesh

Ninja Mesh Waxed mesh
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Ninjalax Original waxed mesh.

Price - $7.95

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Ninja Standard Mesh (NSM) is one of our most popular mesh and provides great hold and a smooth reliable release.  Considered to be universal in application NSM can be found on sticks at every position. NSM is 10 diamonds in width and each diamond is 15 mm (.590 in) in height. The length of each piece of NSM will vary between 16 & 17 inches.  NSM is made from lightweight high tenacity nylon that has less fiber count and a looser weave than Ninja Heavy Mesh (NHM). 

  • Performance: Ninja Standard Mesh provides superior hold without adding whip.
  • Dampening: By increasing mesh density, our formula provides a “dampening effect” which reduces rebounds and enhances catchability.
  • Weather Resistant: Unlike other mesh products, which are “topically coated”, Ninja Standard Mesh is vacuum infused with our hydrophobic formula, which repels water and prohibits wicking.  This property virtually eliminates susceptibility to “bagging.”
  • Freeze Resistant:  NinjaMesh is playable in temperatures well below freezing.
  • Durability:  Ninjafication seals the mesh, which keeps dirt out of and away from the nylon strands. This helps prevents wear and increases the mesh’s life span.
  • Minimal Break-in: Ninja Standard Mesh is game-ready right out of the packaging.
  • Stringability: Ninja Standard’s softness and form retention provides for excellent stringability.  NSM is easily stretched to its maximum width, which enables the user to string a well-defined pocket that consistently performs in all conditions.

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