Lacrosse Stringing Basics

Terms and Definitions:

Mesh – The piece of material that holds the lacrosse ball and makes the pocket. The mesh recommended is 10 diamond hard mesh.

Pocket – The basket shape that will control how the ball will sit in the head, these instructions are going to create a mid-pocket.

Sidewall – The long side of the head that will be strung with one of the two longer nylon strings that comes with the kit

Scoop – The top of the head

TopString - The string attaching the top of the mesh piece to the scoop of the head. Typically the same as sidewall string, can sometimes be slightly thicker. 

Shooters – Shoelace-like strings that will handle how the ball comes out of the head when throwing or shooting, hence the name shooters.

Whip - A commonly used term to describe how early the ball comes out of your head.

For example, a lot of whip means that the ball will come out early and will make your throwing motion to be much shorter than if you had less whip. Less whip allows you to follow through on your throwing motion and shots.