Why is Mesh important?

The mesh you choose is important because it allows players to control the ball and determines how your lacrosse stick passes and shoots. Without a good mesh, the ball would simply fall out of the stick or be difficult to control. 

The mesh is also important because it helps to determine the shape and style of the stick. Different types of mesh can affect the way the ball moves and how the stick handles. For example, a traditional mesh is made of strings that are woven together, while a hard mesh is made of a single, solid piece of material. Each type of mesh has its own unique characteristics and can be preferred by certain players for different reasons. The best mesh is the mesh that works for you. And a mesh that performs consistently over time. 

Overall, the mesh is an important element of the game of lacrosse that allows players to control the ball and perform at their best. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, finding the right mesh can make all the difference in your game.