Does Stringing Matter?

The short answer is yes. The style and quality of stringing in lacrosse matters because it affects the feel and performance of the stick. A well-strung stick can help players catch and throw the ball more accurately, while a poorly strung stick can be difficult to control and may cause the ball to fall out of the pocket.

The style of stringing refers to the pattern in which the strings are woven together to create the pocket. There are many different styles of stringing, and each one has its own unique characteristics. For example, some stringing styles are designed to create a deep pocket, while others are more traditional and create a flatter pocket.

The quality of the stringing is also important, as it determines how well the stick will hold up over time. Poorly strung sticks may become loose or come undone, while well-strung sticks will maintain their shape and tension.

Overall, the style and quality of stringing are important because they can greatly affect the feel and performance of the stick. It's worth taking the time to find a stringing style and quality that works best for you and your game.