Sensei Mesh 2 Semi Hard (white) and Stringing Kits (20 Pack)

Sensei Mesh 2 Semi Hard (white) and Stringing Kits (20 Pack)

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Perfect for any Team or Organization that wants to make sure everyone has quality mesh and strings in their stick.

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Each Package Includes:

1- Piece of High Performance Sensei Mesh 2 Semi Hard

5-Tipped sidewall strings (33 Inch)

3- Tipped shooting laces (33 Inch)

1- Ninjalax ball stop and head set screw

1- Shooting cord

Compares to: Stringking Type 2 -  * Using only the finest materials coupled with strict quality control, Ninjalax has created the ultimate in Performance Lacrosse Mesh. Using advanced materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the engineers at Ninjalax have created a mesh of unrivaled quality and strength that will not be affected by weather. With superior stringability, virtually no break in time and the elimination of the unwanted forces of expansion and contraction your pocket will stay were you put it providing unmatched control and consistency. So join the Ninja Mafia and school the competition with Sensei Mesh II